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3 Ways to Go Green This Year

Green Home - Abstract

Going green is a term that is used frequently. It is a lifestyle choice that has countless advantages. It focuses on using renewable resources to effectively manage how we use energy, minimizing our carbon footprint while making the world livable for future generations.    

For homeowners, going green has a dual advantage. It is helpful for the environment, and it encourages household savings. It reduces utility bills and relieves expenses. If you have been thinking about going green for 2020, here are some suggestions you can consider.  

Carrier’s Greenspeed™ Intelligence 

Changes in temperature affect energy consumption. During the colder months, the need for heat is in high demand, and during the summer, air conditioning is required. Carrier’s Greenspeed™ Intelligence offers conveniences for all seasons.  

It offers high-efficiency heating that outperforms standard units by 68% and similar units by 29%. Hence, it is exceedingly capable of using less energy to heat your home. It also offers high-capacity heating with a heating ability that is 86% higher than its rivals. So, you can anticipate greater warmth within less time.   

Carrier’s Greenspeed™ Intelligence also provides supreme dehumidification, which decreases humidity by eliminating moisture in the air. Doing so encourages better use of your air conditioner during the warmer seasons while encouraging less energy output. 

Heat Pump instead of AC    

heat pump is a device that does not generate heat or cold air but instead re-directs it. It does this by extracting heat or cool air from outside and using it to improve indoor temperatures. The ability to do both makes it a beneficial device.  

With regular maintenance, they are very efficient and minimize exorbitant costs. Heat pumps are also ideal, as they do not release carbon emissions and use less electricity, making it an environmentally friendly option.  

Save Water - Abstract

Save Water  

Saving water is another excellent way to go green, and it has its cost-related advantages. You can implement various practices around your home. In the kitchen, only keep the tap on when you are rinsing and not during the entire process. Also, use your dishwasher only when it is full. Furthermore, consider only using dishwashers that endorse energy efficiency.  

In the washroom, check for leaky toilets and taps. Consider toilets with a dual-flush feature that allows you to flush different amounts of water. Use water-conserving showerheads and limit showers to 5 minutes or less if possible. Utilize water only when rinsing the soap away to avoid wasting water.    

When doing laundry, use cold water to wash larger, more inclusive loads and to reduce energy consumption. Go for front-load higher efficiency washers, and consider using concentrated detergents with less water. Implementing these practices will enable you to save on your water bill. 

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