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5 Signs that it’s Time to Replace Your AC Unit

1. Lack of Cool Air & Limited Airflow 

Lack of cool air is the most obvious sign that your AC system is about to go. If you turn on the unit, the air is supposed to come out cold within a few minutes, if not then your aircon system is not working properly. The unit might be underperforming due to dust or debris or lack of routine maintenance. Whatever the reason might be if frequent repair is emptying your wallet it might be time to replace your AC system. While the replacement will cost more than the repair, in the long run, it will save you money. Expensive service calls every other month do add up quickly.


2. Your Unit Is Over 10 Years Old

Air conditioners are designed to last approximately 10 – 15 years before replacement. If yours is over or close to its end mark you should consider replacing it. Replacing your old system will help cut down on your utility bills, as newer systems are designed to be more energy-efficient.

3. High Utility Bills

Speaking of bills, utility system costs will automatically go up during the summer due to excessive usage of your AC unit. However, if you find that your utility bill is much higher than normal it might be a sign that your unit is using too much energy and need to be replaced. Upgrading your AC system now can save you money on utility bills for years to come. 

4. You’ve found a build-up of moisture and leakage around the unit.

Condensation around an air conditioner is normal as the AC unit will create some moisture. But AC systems functioning properly should not have excessive leakage. If you find have an issue with an excessive leakage you could have a refrigerant leak problem. This is an issue that needs to be addressed right away as it can pose a health risk to you and your family, creating a breeding ground for mold.

5. Strange, unusual sounds 

If you hear sounds like rattling, banging, squealing, and other odd noises it might be a sign that your AC system is breaking down. Most AC units are designed to barley make a sound and the presence of strange noises should not be taken as a typical sign of aging. As soon as you hear these sounds turn off your aircon system immediately and call for professional help. These noises often reflect a serious issue and if not repairable you will need to invest in a new AC unit

Buy a New Air Conditioning System in Woodstock 

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