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3 Ways to Go Green This Year

Written By Lloyds Electric On February 28, 2020

Going green is a term that is used frequently. It is a lifestyle choice that has countless advantages. It focuses on using renewable resources to effectively manage how we use energy, minimizing our carbon footprint while making the world livable for future generations.     For homeowners, going green has a dual advantage. It is helpful for […]

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How to Deal with Humidity Issues in Winter

Written By Lloyds Electric On December 10, 2019

When you think of humidity, it’s likely that you picture sweltering temperatures and a hot home. While air conditioning provides an easy and efficient solution to help control rising humidity in the summertime, it’s important to also consider balancing humidity in the winter as well.   Because warm air tends to hold on to moisture, you’re more likely to […]

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Three Situations Where Ductless Systems Benefit You

Written By Lloyds Electric On October 1, 2019

Ductless HVAC systems are incredibly efficient and offer consistent heating and cooling for your whole home. Although they may not be the best choice for all homes, they are useful for most homeowners. Here are three situations where you could benefit from the addition of a ductless system. You Have New Additions or Spaces in […]

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