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What is a High-Efficiency Air Conditioning System?

Air conditioners normally have a life span of 10-15 years, If your current air conditioner is close to its expiration date than now would be a good time to plan on replacing it with a new high-efficiency unit. Newer air conditioners have features like more efficient compressors, improved heat exchange coils and high-efficiency blowers to increase the system’s overall efficiency and reduce energy costs. 

So, what is a High- Efficiency air conditioner?

When an AC system has a higher SEER rating it is defined as a high- efficiency aircon unit. the term is directly referring to a higher than average SEER rating. An air conditioner unit with a SEER rating of over 13 is generally regarded as high efficiency, this depends on the size of the room you’re cooling and your own cooling preferences. To calculate the seer simply take the total cooling output of the system divided by energy usage. The higher the seer is the more efficient your system is.

What are the major benefits of a High-efficiency system?

Let’s look at the benefits of a higher efficiency system. 

  • Calling a system “high-efficiency” means it has to consume less electricity per BTU, this guarantees performance at lower costs. A high SEER cooling system is specifically designed to save operating costs 
  • Every person that buys an AC system hopes for it to have a long life span as replacing such a unit can be very expensive. High-efficiency systems are produced with better mechanisms. The processes of the systems are more current and cutting-edge. This means if you ensure regular maintenance is done on your high-efficiency system you can expect a lot more years of service from your unit than you could from a “standard” efficiency AC.

Wanting to buy a new airconditioning system? With all the different models of air conditioners available today, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. If you’re still not sure what SEER rating to look for for your home, let our team at Lloyds electrical help with fast, Professional Air Conditioning Solutions for Homes and Businesses